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Drone Based Inventory Management

Autonomous & Lightning Fast

What we do: Saving valuable time and costs in inventory counting

Powerful AI based drone technology can fully automate the inventory counting process, providing data and important insights in a user friendly way.

Drone based inventory counting
  full automation

Let the drones do the work for you

Drones automatically fly a route through the warehouse while scanning inventory.

Best scanning performance

Smart label scanning

Scan even the smallest labels with the high resolution 4k camera on-board of a drone.

real intelligence

AI based box counting

The remaining inventory on pallets is estimated using advanced computer vision and AI algorithms.

Self managing

Automated charging

At the end of a scanning flight a drone automatically returns to its base station to recharge for the next flight.

Want to see our tech in action?
Inventory counting with drone in warehouse
Precision Matters

How do we do it?

The latest technology from the research community and industry combined in a single system. Advanced situational awareness through AI based computer vision.

Why are we your best option?

Vision Based Scanning

Inventory is counted by analyzing high resolution images from the drone with computer vision. Outperforming traditional scanning approaches.

Safety systems

Obstacle detection and avoidance technology helps our drones to safely navigate around the warehouse.

Cloud Connected

Integrates with all Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system software.

GPS Denied Opperations

Our drones are built for indoor operations and as there is no satellite link in an enclosed area, navigate using the onboard camera.

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