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Real-time AI vision for inventory & operations

Unmatched Accuracy & Efficiency Throughout Your Warehouse Operations

Get full insight with vision technology

Discover the next-gen inventory management solution. Our AI-powered vision devices seamlessly track inventory and monitor warehouse operations for early error detection, improving accuracy and performance. With edge computing, these devices self-localize for effortless integration. Elevate your warehouse efficiency and accuracy today.

  Where is my inventory?

Inventory management matters

Good insight in current inventory levels is of key importance for any warehousing operation. Inaccurate inventory levels can cause customer dissatisfaction as well as problems down the supply chain. Improving accuracy by manual inventory counting is too labor intensive and time consuming

Intelligent vision

AI vision for inventory management

Reading texts, barcodes & measuring pallet inventory level volumes and box counts. Automatic location identification enables application in dynamic environments and reduces setup effort.

Edge intelligence

Rugged AI devices

Real-time computing on strong dust and moisture proof edge devices. Edge computing maximizes speed and minimizes strain on critical WIFI networks. Devices can be flexibly mounted on either moving vehicles, or static positions.

Flexibility at its core

Use cases

Inventory can be tracked automatically from different perspectives. These include pick cart checks, inbound checks, cycle counting, order picking location checks and picking confirmation. Other applications are possible as well, based on the same core technology.

Want to see our tech in action?
Inventory counting with drone in warehouse
Precision Matters

How do we do it?

The latest technology from the research community and industry combined in a single system. Advanced situational awareness through AI based computer vision.

Why are we your best option?

Vision Based Scanning

Inventory is counted by analyzing high resolution images with computer vision. Outperforming traditional scanning approaches.

On-device processing

Our system does not depend on streaming high resolution image data through your sensitive networks.

Cloud Connected

Integrates with all Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system software.

Automated localization

Our devices can localize themselves accurately while only using existing warehouse location signage and onboard camera technology.

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