Drone Based Inventory Counting

Autonomous - Lightning Fast


• Using autonomous drones allows for increased frequency of inventory checks and higher inventory accuracy.

• Integrates with all Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system software.

• Human labour can move to higher value jobs as drones take over the repetitive ones, thereby saving personnel costs and operations downtime.

• Increases safety by reducing the movement of vehicles in the warehouse.


Vision Based Scanning

Inventory is counted by analyzing images from the drone with computer vision

Fully Automated

From autonomous flight to autonomous charging, our drone technology is unique, free from manual work and without requiring infrastructure adaptations.

Collision Detection

The obstacle detection and avoidance technology helps our drone to safely navigate around the warehouse.

Cloud Connected

Our technology provides a real time access to control and payload data from the drone fleet, through a secure and reliable interface.

GPS Denied Operations

Our drone is built for indoor operations and as there is no  satellite link in an enclosed area, it navigates using the onboard camera.

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